The Cooperage


Owned and Operated in the Missouri Ozarks

Every Barrel 53 product comes from our cooperage in the Ozarks, moments away from our two stave mills. Being family-owned and operated allows for our barrel-making process to be intimate and detailed. Using expert craftsmanship, each barrel is fired and quality-tested by hand.

After receiving our mature staves from the Barrel 53 mill, we trim each one so they fit together perfectly to create the barrel. They are then steamed in heat tunnels and bound by steel rings before being charred by a Missouri White Oak fire to preserve the wood’s natural flavors. To ensure our barrels are of the highest quality, we test for leaks with both water and air pressure.

Only when Barrel 53 craftsmen are certain we have created a reliable, artisan barrel do we brand the product and ship them to our customers. Our family tradition is founded on quality work and enhancing the relationship between barrel and distiller.

Let our family build the perfect whiskey barrel for you.